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Georgia World Congress Center 2003
Laser Reproductions

Carol (Gibby) working hard while the boys (Cary - left and Jamie-right) in the background are goofing off ;-)  Actually they were working on getting their C82 printer working that seemed to have been damaged in transit.  If you haven't checked out Laser Reproductions you should, they carry a lot of very unique items like the bottle cap clock, thermometers and the BabyMe™ sublimatable dolls.


Doug (TRDists), the guy in red, just got to the show after traveling all day. He was really hoping I wouldn't take his picture the first day but unfortunately I never got back to the booth on the second day to do another one.  Sorry Doug.

He was working in the Fotowear booth.  Fotowear is the makers of greenline (JetWear) transfer paper (as well as other papers).  JetWear can be purchased at TR Distributors

US Sublimation

Rich (USSublimatio) showing off the Epson 7600 (niiiiccceeee printer) and their two bulk ink systems that US Sublimation will soon be offering for this printer. 

The regular carts of the 7600 holds 110 ml each (7 colors) shown in the picture using the light black, cyan, magenta, lt. cyan and lt. magenta).  US Sublimation's small bulk system shown in the picture with the yellow container/ink, I believe he said holds around 400 ml and the regular bottle type of bulk ink system that we all are familiar with is hanging off the side of the printer feeding the black cartridge.  Interesting setup as they were showing all 3 systems being used.

I also got a good look at the scratch resistant tiles.  These have a rough surface not real glossy but with a gloss over coat they are pretty shiny.  The color on these tiles is beautiful.

Kissei Comtec America, Inc.

This was something new I had not seen before called the OZ Creator 13000.  The machine in the foreground is a modified Epson 2200 which will do direct printing to items up to 125mm thick using regular Epson pigmented inks.  They had on display things that they printed like shirts, jeans, note cubes, tiles, sculptured glass (yes the surface does not need to be flat but does need a prep to be used on glass), ceiling tiles, wood blocks, etc.

Very interesting system if you have the market for it.  This small unit runs about $8,000.  They do have larger format printers also.

Conde Systems

Where I ran into our friend Paul Neumann (Blueeyesuw), Universal Woods who came over to show me all the new Unisub products Conde had on display.  I was very surprised when Paul picked up a tile that I had been looking at for about 15 minutes out of the corner of my eye and handed it to me.  Guess what?  It wasn't ceramic!  I was really amazed that this looked so much like ceramic that I didn't know it wasn't.  Putting these tiles into boxes and frames, no one is going to know.

Oh and the new Unisub Aluminum license plates are going to be a hit too!

Fisher Textiles

Robert Fisher (FishTextiles) showing off their direct to fabric printing.  Looks great Robert!

Fisher Textiles is a distributor of Soft L'ink t-shirts as well as many different types of fabric great for sublimation.

Coast Graphic Supply

Jim (InkSoupJim) and Esther (SubInkEsther) also had a great display of products.    They too will be selling the bulk ink system as discussed above (under US Sublimation).  They also had a floor tile on display which I had not had a chance to "touch and feel" at the other shows I've been too.  Very nice!


Jim was explaining to me how they had printed their banners using their wide format printer but pressed with a 16 x 20" press.  I looked at this banner and could not see where one pressing stopped and the next started.  He said to do this banner required them to press 8 different times.  Now where is my checkbook for that Epson 7600....


Sorry to those of you I didn't make it around to your booth.  As you know, it was a very large show and I couldn't resist stopping and looking at some of those 11 foot wide printers!

Georgia World Congress Center with Georgia Dome in the background at the end of the day.


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