How do I put an image beside those buttons, zippers, collar, seams... 
or on that child size sweat shirt?

Tip/trick written by:  Cherie Derrick, Encompass Technologies, November 2000

Everyone eventually has a problem trying to put an image beside the placket of a golf shirt or a child shirt that doesn't fit on their press and that's why Teflon pillows were invented!  The only place I know that you can purchase these is  from Stahls'.  They come in several sizes for things like shirt sleeves, children's shirts, pocket size and a few I'm not quite sure what you would use them for.  The pillow has about 1" of stuffing in it so that when you close your press, seems, buttons, etc. get pushed down into the pillow making the area you need pressed more easily accessible.

If your in a hurry and need to get whatever it is done today there are things around that I'm sure you can use.  I've been using a mouse pad covered with a Teflon sheet for years to do pocket prints.  You put this under the area you want your image and allow the buttons to hang off the edge of the mouse pad so the press never touches them.  You can also just use paper (instead of Teflon) for  covering but it eventually dries out so much that it cracks and falls off, which is when I invested in a couple of sheets of Teflon and did some various size pads.

Good luck and happy pressing!

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