Keeping that extra sublimation from transferring to the next item

Tip/trick written by:  Cherie Derrick, Encompass Technologies, November 2000

The answer is... paper, paper and more paper.

If your having a problem that you are getting shadows of images on your shirts, mugs, hats, ...  you are most likely picking up some sublimation particles on your heat platen.  This is extra sublimation that somehow manages to migrate through the transfer paper onto the platen and then onto the next item you press.  To keep this from happening, always cover your transfer with an additional piece of paper.  I buy the cheapest I can find at on of the office supply stores in 8 1/2 x 11 size (I cut these up into 9.5 x 4.25 for wrapping around mugs and in 11 x 17 size for my large shirt images.

I've also heard of people buying newsprint and craft paper to use as a sublimation catcher.

Good luck and happy pressing!

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