Glazing SilverTree™ Jewelry

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Written by:  Genie Zappanti, The Magic of Genie, February 2000


I have the Excel Glazing Unit purchased from Creative Photo Concepts and have started glazing my Sterling Silver jewelry pieces. So far I like it. I even tried to scratch it with the sharp side of a pair of scissors and it didn't scratch. I am sure if I REALLY tried I could scratch it but under normal wear and tear it should not scratch. It also adds dimension to the pieces and makes the colors stand out more, plus adds a little weight to the piece (one of the things I didn't like was the almost weightlessness to the pieces).


The trick is having the glaze hot enough to flow on easily. I jut put it in the middle of the piece, rotate it to barely touch the edges, put it in glazing oven for 30 seconds and it is done. I did mess up one piece in that there was an air bubble by the person's eye plus I noticed it appeared to be soft in the center. The beauty of this method is you just heat it up in the glazing oven and peal it off and start over with no damage to the image. I guess I added too much glaze to it. I doubt I will sell these pieces any other way in the future.

The Magic of Genie
Henderson, Nevada

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