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The STM Religious Organizations module is a marketing tool that helps sublimation users form business relationships with religious communities throughout North America. Over 175 million North Americans belong to a religious faith, made up of over 80 separate religions and 350,000 places of worship. Personalized full-color products can build a sense of community as they help to welcome new members, recognize special people, reward youth activities and highlight special events such as weddings and baptisms.

The STM Religious Organizations module is built on comprehensive research into 18 faiths that offer tremendous profit potential for full color personalized items:

* Roman Catholic * Presbyterian * African Methodist Episcopal * United Methodist * Unitarian Universalist * Assemblies of God * Episcopal * Mennonites * Church of God in Christ * American Baptist * Seventh-Day Adventist * Evangelical Lutheran * Southern Baptist * Lutheran * Missouri Synod * Greek Orthodox * Judaism * Latter-Day Saints * Korean Church

The Religious Organizations module shows sublimation users how to easily contact places of worship, and communicate with leadership and staff. In both manual form and CD ROM, the module provides a comprehensive overview of each faith and links to all congregations; calculators for determining cost, pricing, and profit; recommended products; and a collection of sample sales letters. Also included are 25 full color four page presentation brochures, 100 folded pamphlets, and a product merchandising sign for the store.

The STM Religious Organizations module is available through any Unisub distributor. For more information and a complete list of distributors, visit the Unisub web site or fax Universal Woods at (502) 491-1410.

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