Stahls' Hotronix Model 16" x 20" swinger flat press

Review written by:  Cherie Derrick, Encompass Technologies, Sept. 2000

We purchased a used Stahls' Hotronix manual swinger about 1 year ago.  The press did not have a manual with it.  It did come with several teflon pillows and a teflon sheet, but I do not know if this is standard or an add on package.  We were specifically in the market for something that we could do multiple 7" x 9" glass plaques.  The larger size, 16" x 20", was the size that we thought would handle the job we needed done.  We found that the press accommodates 4 of the glass plaques and up to 9 of the 4 1/4" tiles at a time. 

The digital read out and control panel are easy to use and easy to figure out, even without a manual.  There are also 10 preset programs that I have not taken the time to figure out exactly how to use.  I thought that I would use the "pressure" setting function but it ends up that since I was already quite familiar with knowing approximately what pressure was needed from the "feel" of using a clam shell for several years that it was just as easy to feel the pressure on the swinger.  I think I have looked at the pressure setting once or twice just for fun.  For a person new to pressing this function would be quite useful but after several years of experience on a press that doesn't have this function, I don't think it's needed. 

There may be other functions this press has but since we do not have a manual, I can't go into any details.  The Hotronix information on the web site states that you can also interchange the lower platen and program you own print settings.  

This press takes 25-30 minutes to warm up

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