4" x 4" white on white marble, chipped edge, from Creative Marblecast Mfg.

Review written by:  Cherie Derrick, Encompass Technologies, July 2000

This was my first attempt at putting a dye-sublimation image on cultured marble. Using Sublijet ink, I pressed this at 415 with a rubber pad for 4 minutes, looked at the image and realized it was not enough. I removed the rubber pad and pressed for an additional 2 minutes. I will post actual pressing times as I do more testing on the substrate. I believe Creative Marblecast told me I should press at 400 for approximately 2 1/2 minutes.

I am not particularly fond of the chipped edge as I though I would be. I thought it would look more natural, but to me it looks like the cast/mold that it is. I think if the area of the chipping were not as glossy looking as it is (the above photo does not show this but the edge is more glossy then the top after pressing), it may look a little better. I am going to try some fine grit sandpaper to see if I can dull the edged a bit.

I purchased some other colors that I thought would be nice that I have not yet tried. The plain white (with no grain) looks to me like plastic until you pick it up and feel that is heavy. I think for things like coasters it will be nice but I'm not sure about using it for things like photos. There is a blue whisper that I think will be beautiful with some images. The blue in this is so pale it will create a nice background effect as does the white on white.

I also attempted to scratch the image with a key. The first couple of attempts the scratch wiped off with my finger, the third attempt did scratch the marble a bit but the image looks untouched. I will start doing my own version of UV testing (the Georgia sun is brutal) in the next few days.

I believe the possibilities for this product is quite enormous when you start to think about the different shapes you can have made. One of a kind "high dollar" and special size products is not out of the question with the low cost of having a special mold made.

I do have a concern about the order processing capabilities of the company that hopefully will be worked out soon (maybe due to growing pains?).

Added 1/12/01

I have now pressed a few more pieces of the Creative Marblecast pieces and have used: 415 degrees, 4 minutes, 2 of the hexagon coasters pressed at the same time, using Sublijet inks.  The image is a little fuzzy so this may be too long or too high of temperature.

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