Insta Graphic Systems Model 216 flat press.

Review written by:  Ernie Ziegler, Custom Engraving, June 1999

I'm a novice, have only been using a heat press for one week. I have an Insta Press Model 216. I was really pleased with the way the company handled my purchase and their boxing for shipment was really secure.

Using the press I have found the lockup and release to be practically effortless. The timer is large (easy to read and set) convenient to reach for setting (timer can only be set for up to 60 seconds at one time). The temperature dial is also conveniently located and easy to read and set; in addition to the setting dial there is another temperature reading dial located on the front edge of the heater platen (small and kind of hard to read). Pressure is set by turning a knob Located on top of the Temperature and timer setting dials housing. This is the only feature I would change on the press. Not for location or ease of use but wish that there was some way to read pressure in terms of PSI.

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