Hix Corporation Model D-400 flat press

Review written by:  Cherie Derrick, Encompass Technologies, Sept. 2000

The Hix clam shell model D-400 was our first heat press which we purchased back in 1994.  This is a pretty basic model but has a digital count down timer and digital readout for the heat.  It has a 15" x 15" platen which has been more then enough for what we needed to start with and for the next 4 years.  This has been an excellent press for a startup operation if you are planning on doing mainly flat items like shirts, mouse pads, metal, license plates and even glass plaques.   I have also done the 4 1/4"  tiles one at a time in this press.  

This clam shell will not accommodate the Unisub plaques, the paperweights or the note holders, they are to thick. 

We still have this press, mainly as a backup, but it does heat up quickly (about 12-14 minutes) and we do still use it when we have just a few shirts or aluminum plaques to do.

After looking at the Hix Corp. web site it appears that the closest current model to this press is the HT-400.

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