Press Release
For Immediate Release
November 7, 2000

Contact: Rich Foltz, President

US Sublimation Releases JetBlaster™ Inks and Software

US Sublimation, a newly formed company to provide sublimation producers with the latest in sublimation technologies is proud to announce the JetBlaster™ sublimation system that combines the finest inks in the market from BASF (you know, those guys that make everything better) and JetBlaster™ color calibrated software.

JetBlaster™ Lite software is designed to help all users be comfortable with the sublimation process. Just select the JetBlaster™ program from your favorite window's application (Photoshop, Corel, Quark, Illustrator, etc.) then select the substrate you intend to transfer your print to, from a drop down menu. JetBlaster™ Lite automatically recognizes if your file is a Vector or a Bitmap, CMYK or RGB and uses the appropriate pro-file to give consistent and brilliant color time after time. Many different profiles are included in JetBlaster™ Lite, such as Unisub, Ceramic, Metal, Fabrics, and more. Both 720 dpi and 360 dpi can be selected for quality and speed.

The BASF sublimation inks are specially formulated to exacting tolerances, and to pro-vide the most vibrant colors, available in the industry today. These inks have been field tested in high production environments, producing thousands of square feet of dye sublimation print per month. Clogging issues are also a thing of the past with JetBlas-ter™ sublimation inks.

The JetBlaster™ system delivers outstanding quality and consistency, and these inks are priced below the competition to give the end user an extremely good value.

US Sublimation offers dealer and technical support and is currently seeking qualified dealers to represent the JetBlaster™ Sublimation System.

For additional information contact: 

Rich Foltz, President
US Sublimation, Inc.
866-4DYESUB (Toll Free)

3107 W. Colorado Ave, #190, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

719-577-4626 866-4DYESUB (toll free) 719-577-4627 (fax)

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