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TSN™ Launches the
Full Color Network Web Site

The Sublimation Network™ has launched www.fullcolornetwork.com , a web site designed to increase revenues for sublimation dealers.

The Full Color Network™ is a comprehensive web site featuring hundreds of full color personalized products, organized both by market category and product category. This is the first time a significant marketing vehicle has been developed to advance the awareness of sublimation, and to link end consumers with sublimation retailers

Over 400,000 prospective customers are expected to visit The Full Color Network™ site in the first year. Visitors to the site can search for a sublimation dealer in their area. Dealers can be listed on the site as a Personalized Products Provider for a nominal yearly membership fee, and must be sponsored by a TSN™ sublimation distributor. Nearly all of the membership fees will be invested in search engine placement and "pay per click" advertising.

The Sublimation Network™ is a not-for-profit industry growth project comprised of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and trade publications working together in a brand neutral environment to grow this rapidly expanding industry. For more information, visit The Sublimation Network website at: www.GetSublimation.com .


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