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Universal Woods (Unisub®) today announced the launch of a not-for-profit industry growth pursuit, The Sublimation Network(tm). The network, managed by Unisub, is comprised of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and trade publications working together in a brand neutral environment to grow this rapidly expanding industry.

The Sublimation Network(tm) is comprised of four integrated components. The first being launched is the Sublimation Education program. This certificate program is designed to establish a framework for beginners, enhance knowledge and skill for long-time users and educate all about the new services The Sublimation Network has to offer. As dealers pursue their education, they are rewarded with more business generating tools provided by The Sublimation Network. An exciting addition to the program is the new Director of Education, J. Stephen Spence. Steve has developed the curriculum to mirror the challenges he faces daily in his own store, and to remain flexible to adapt to changes in the marketplace. Sublimation Education programs are scheduled to be held in cities all over the nation throughout 2004. Locations and times will be advertised in trade magazines, announced through direct mailers and a full calendar can be found at www.sublimationnetwork.com. Success of the program will be measured by follow-up telephone calls from the Customer Service department.

The sublimation professional will benefit greatly from the Sublimation Value Club and Marketing Warehouse. The Sublimation Value Club component contains special discount offers, complementary trade magazine trial subscription offers, contests, rewards and recognition. The Marketing Warehouse component provides access to a complete customer catalog featuring products from leading manufactures, award winning Designs 4U design programs and the comprehensive Sublimation Target Marketing plan along with numerous other tools to assist the sublimation professional in becoming more successful.

Central to The Sublimation Network, is the Full Color Network website offering advantages to members of TSN along with information for end-users.

While the industry side of the website offers technology information and access to the 3 additional components of TSN, the public side is aggressively placed within search engines causing it to be easily located.

Once found, the end-user is presented with brand neutral information concerning sublimation products and links to dealers in the area.

The integrated components of The Sublimation Network working together with the support of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and trade publications will undoubtedly advance the current success of this industry.



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