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Unisub™ has introduced the Sublimation Target Marketing™ (STM™) Schools module.

The STM Schools module is a marketing tool that helps dye sublimation users form business relationships with schools in their area. Over 75 million students attend middle school, high school or college in North America. Personalized full-color products support the educational mission of the school, provide unique fund raising opportunities for clubs or Parent Teacher Organizations, and provide sublimation dealers with great volume and profit potential as well.

The STM Schools module is built on comprehensive research into various activity groups that offer tremendous profit potential for full color personalized items, including athletics, academics, service-oriented groups, fine arts and band, and other school-wide activities. The Schools module includes a 90+ page target market manual, and a CD-ROM with spreadsheet calculators, sales letters, and web links to school contact in your area.

Also included are 50 full color four-page presentation brochures, 100 four-fold middle and high school brochures, and 50 four-fold college brochures.

The STM Schools module is available through any Unisub distributor.  For more information and a complete list of distributors, visit the Unisub web site at www.unisub.com or fax Universal Woods at (502) 491-1410.


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