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Unisub Perpetual Plaques

Universal Woods has added two styles of perpetual plaques to the Unisub product line.

The new perpetual plaques allow sublimation users to develop materials for "employee of the month" programs. Both feature a black edge profile, and measure 11.625"x16" overall. The image area of each plaque can be sublimated with a 14"x16" heat press. The clock version includes hands and a motor that are mounted after sublimation.

Unisub products are designed to produce brilliant color reproduction from all types of sublimation transfers. Products are available both in pre-cut blanks and uncut sheet stock up to 4' by 8'. For more information and a complete list of distributors, visit the Unisub™ web site at www.unisub.com or fax Universal Woods at (502) 491-1410.


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