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Universal Woods Introduces

Unisub™ FR Plastic Desk Clock

Universal Woods has added a sublimatable FR Plastic desk clock to the Unisub™ product line.

The 4.75" round desk clock kit includes a black acrylic base and clock works. The clock can be made into a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, or as a desk accessory for any occasion.

The desk clock is from Unisub's sublimatable FR-Plastic line. FR-Plastic is scratch resistant and water repellant, and is designed to produce brilliant color reproduction from both the SubliJet and Seiko sublimation systems. The 3/32" thick product is available both in pre-cut blanks and uncut sheet stock up to 4' by 8'. For more information and a complete list of distributors, visit the Unisub™ web site at www.unisub.com or fax Universal Woods at (502) 491-1410.


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