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Unisub™ Launches "Catch The Wave" Promotion

Unisub(tm), in partnership with its full service sublimation distributors, is providing "no-charge" marketing campaigns to assist in reaching a number of different target customers this fall.

Released two at a time in three waves, these "Four Step Sales Campaigns" provide the tools and support to sell schools, soccer teams, businesses, and capitalize on holiday décor opportunities. Sublimation users can log onto www.unisub.com and click on the "Catch The Wave" icon to access these free campaigns. To support these campaigns, Unisub Premier Distributors will provide a 25% discount on Unisub products associated with these sales events for a limited time.

Unisub products are designed to produce brilliant color reproduction from all types of sublimation transfers. The durable coating is resistant to stains, graffiti and scratches. Products are available both in pre-cut blanks and uncut sheet stock up to 4' by 8'. For more information and a complete list of distributors, visit the Unisub web site or fax Universal Woods at (502) 491-1410.

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