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TR Distributors, LLC Now Offers The XANTé Colour ScreenWriter

Dye Sublimation, Heat Transfers, HeaHeatFilm Positives and Full Color Printing

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Doug Schauf

TR Distributors offers the XANTé Colour ScreenWriter. A laser printer that will produce dye sublimation, film positives, heat transfers and full color printing from the same printer.

The XANTé Colour ScreenWriter can perform many different functions, which makes this printer a perfect fit for any shop. Designed for screen printers, trophy shops, awards and engraving shops and specialty businesses, the XANTé Colour ScreenWriter offers the speed, high quality and color management that these professionals require for printing quality, quick turn around specialty items.

The XANTé Colour ScreenWriter series provides a complete screen-printing solution for high quality film positives, heat transfers, label printing and color proofing. Whether it be on a high resolution dye sublimation project or a simple monochrome print job, the XANTé Colour ScreenWriter produces accurate color and clear, crisp text on a wide range of media.

TR Distributors also offers the full line of XANTé printers. With products ranging from high-resolution, high-speed monochrome printers to computer-to-plate, computer-to-film, color printing, and screen-printing systems, TR Distributors stays on top of the charts with top of the line products. Call 800-905-0351 or visit www.truecolorimprinting.com for more information.


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