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TR Distributors, LLC Announces True-Color Synthetic Ivory

A High Quality Gift for Sublimation

TR Distributors announces True-Color Synthetic Ivory , a new line of gift products for sublimation. TR will be announcing different products every month. Our featured products this month are flip lighters and pocketknives.

This new substrate has many great features. It is strong, flexible when hot, ages like real ivory, and can be cut, drilled and threaded. Custom shapes and two sided pieces are also available.

Using True-Color Synthetic Ivory is easy. Simply sublimate the ivory and attach to the desired product.

True-Color Synthetic Ivory will broaden your product line. Flip lighters and pocketknives are now available and products such as wine corks, flasks, key chains, jewelry, game boards, boxes, and golf accessories are soon to come!

The right sublimation ink is crucial for attaining the best possible color representation with True-Color Synthetic Ivory. Unlike most ink, True-Color inks do not require special drivers or color correction software. The settings are the same for any substrate and the colors always look good. Call 800-905-0351 or visit www.truecolorimprinting.com for

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