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TR Distributors announces True-Color™ Embroidery, a revolutionary way to achieve FULL-COLOR EMBROIDERY.

Stop digitizing multi-color images and save time and money. Achieve photographic quality embroidery by combining sublimation and embroidery. Here's how it works: Embroider an item with white polyester thread and then apply the dye. The thread will absorb the dye, while the fabric will not. The result is a crisp, clean logo or design on any fabric. What was once very difficult is now easy with True-Color Embroidery.

True-Color Embroidery makes it possible to sublimate onto fabrics and colors that you have not been able to use until now. Want to sublimate your logo onto a cotton t-shirt? Or a navy blue fabric? Now you can! TR Distributors makes it possible.

The right sublimation ink and embroidery equipment is crucial for attaining the best possible color representation in True-Color Embroidery. Unlike most inks, True-Color inks do not require a special driver or color correction software. The settings are the same for any substrate and the colors always look good. Brother® is the right choice for your embroidery needs. They are the fastest, quietest and most user friendly in the industry. Call or visit www.truecolorimprinting.com for more information.

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