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TR Distributors Offers Revolutionary New Imprintable Glass Tile

PORTLAND, MAINE August 16, 2004: TR Distributors, the country's premier supplier of dye sublimation products, printers, heat presses and inks to the industry, is now offering groundbreaking new dye sublimatable glass tile, a product expected to change the face of the industry.

The tiles offered by TR Distributors are backed in white, so that the sublimation process is applied to the underside of the tile. The result is that the imprinted image is never subjected to wear and tear. This means sublimated tiles have a life expectancy far greater than with other products.

TR Distributor owner Doug Schauf sees a world of opportunities associated with the new tile, "We have been offering a wide range of tiles for a long time, but I haven't seen a development this exciting before. This tile offers opportunities for installation in places that never would have made sense before, because the image is protected by glass. It is simply an outstanding product."

The glass tiles have been approved for both residential and commercial purposes and for both wall and floor applications by both the American National Standards Institute, and by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The rigorous testing processes guarantee that the tile is a great choice for a wide spectrum of applications.

Schauf adds, "One of the most impressive aspects of this product is the fact that you can apply such vivid colors, and that those colors come through beautifully and true to the original design. The possibilities are virtually endless now; countertops, floors, wall murals, even swimming pools are all open to tile application now. And because of the integrity of the tile, the installation will be safe and long-lasting."

The tiles are available immediately through TR Distributors on both a sample and full order basis.

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TR Distributors, LLC
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