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Ft. Lauderdale, FL – June 1, 2005 – Tropical Graphics proudly releases TEC film for the digital printing professional. Setting new standards of durability, this Thermal Encapsulated Color (TEC) film allows users to produce UV stable, scratch-resistant, photographic quality signage that can effectively compete in the lucrative sign market.

“With unparalleled image quality and superior durability, this is the digital printing technology the industry has been looking for,” says Patrick Forney, Product Manager.

TEC film has 3 – 5 years UV stability, is easy to use and self-adhesive. The wide variety of film types provide users with an array of application alternatives including promotional advertising, Point of Sale signage, window graphics, vehicle decals and various promotional products.

“With the addition of TEC film, users can now create sublimated graphics for items that were previously excluded from decoration because of their shape, color, surface or outdoor exposure,” adds Forney.

This new, environmentally friendly technology produces an image encapsulated within the interior of highly weatherproof, long-lasting media that requires no lamentation. TEC film’s very simple operation, combined with the elimination of additional finishing processes normally associated with digital printing, reduces production costs. This makes TEC film the number one solution for business owners and sign-makers looking for a cost effective way to create durable, color-vibrant signage.

TEC Film is sold through a carefully selected network of Authorized Resellers, who are uniquely qualified to provide complete packages and support to users. For more information or to locate a reseller, visit Tropical Graphics at www.tropicalgraphics.com .


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