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Early gains for Tropical in litigation

Fort Lauderdale, FL - October 24th 2003 -Tropical Graphics are pleased to announce major progress in its ongoing litigation with Sawgrass Systems with the announcement that Sawgrass this week withdrew a major portion of its suit against Tropical Graphics in federal court.

Paul Hirst President of Tropical Graphics said "This is great news for Tropical Graphics and the sublimation industry itself but comes as no surprise to us as we steadfastly maintain that the suit has no merit and is designed purely to drive Tropical Graphics out of business through expensive litigation costs." Hirst added "We are eagerly looking forward to presenting our case either to a judge or a jury where once and for all the subject of alleged patent infringement can be laid to rest. The sooner our competition realize that we will not be bullied or forced out of the business the better it will be for all concerned. In the meantime we will continue to maintain our focus on providing our customers and distribution partners with state of the art print solutions powered by the industries most reliable sublimation inks, a policy that has seen ArTainium products become the number one choice for sublimators worldwide."

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