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Tropical Graphics Ink Update

August 19, 2004

Dear Friends & Customers, 

Over the last 5 years Tropical Graphics, with the help of our valued distribution partners and customers, has grown to be one of the world's largest suppliers of dye sublimation ink and related products. At the core of this growth has been our immensely successful ArTainium UV+ sublimation inks and associated color management profiles. Because of this growth, we long ago realized that we needed to implement our own production process to ensure quality, consistency and supply.  

It is no secret that Tropical has always used other manufacturers to produce our ink but, over the last several months, we have slowly but surely been introducing our own inks into our supply chain, building confidence and security step by step, inch by inch. Even after rigorous laboratory testing we wanted to make sure that we had total compatibility, printability and stability when compared to existing ArTainium inks. We now know that we have passed our own stringent requirements and we now are ready to introduce these inks across our entire product range.

 What can users expect from the new Tropical Graphics manufactured inks?

 First, we matched the color gamut of the existing ArTainium inks so that a current user will not have to re-profile their inks. Existing ArTainium inks and our new inks can be mixed together, with no problems. Second, sublimators will see an improved and darker black. However, black is not a color that affects the profile so no changes have to be accounted for there.  

Third, bulk systems users will notice that the yellow is a much brighter looking yellow in the BOTTLE, as opposed to the older, darker looking yellow. However, you should have no fear. ALL of the inks mix fine with your existing ArTainium inks and the colors will print exactly the same (even though the yellow looks much brighter in the bottle).  

Some of you will have questions about the new inks and I will do my best to answer here on the forum. We do not intend to add any spin to the public introduction of our own inks. Our reasons are as stated and our results are as stated. 

Our distribution partners and we intend to carry on providing great products, great service and continued innovation and improvements. We look forward to growing together.

To find out more about Tropical Graphics or to find a distributor near you please visit http://www.tropicalgraphics.com


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