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Sawgrass Announces New Pricing Format for the Epson 3000

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (November 7, 2000) Effective November 1, 2000, Sawgrass Systems and its Authorized SubliJet® Reseller partners announce a new value-size cartridge for SubliJet transfer ink users for the Epson® 3000 that can bring the average cost of a full-coverage, letter-size transfer to as low as $1.00. The standard cartridge yields 425 letter-sized transfers, while the new cartridges will print over 1000 full-coverage 8" x 11" transfers. Sawgrass had already implemented a price reduction on standard SubliJet for the Epson 3000 this summer; now SubliJet volume users will benefit even further from this new cartridge style. "The new cartridges give volume users an additional discount," says Kurt DeYoung, Market Development Specialist. "Users will get 2.5 times the amount of ink for less than twice the price of the standard cartridges. We're already experiencing increased demand in response to these savings."


"We're very pleased to introduce this new cartridge format to our valued SubliJet users," says Edward Spear, Director of Sales & Marketing. "Over the past decade, Sawgrass Systems has taken the leadership position by investing millions of dollars in R&D, color management tools, market development, and product technical support for its transfer products. Thanks to SubliJet's overwhelming market adoption, we're continuing to achieve our first-tier goal of recouping this enormous capital investment." Spear adds, "We're now into our second series of planned pricing changes and volume discounts, and the more the technology is adopted, the more affordable it will become to end users."


As an early inventor and developer of digital sublimation printing, the Sawgrass business model has been focused on providing profitable business tools for a variety of target users. Products include HyColor® and PowerPrint® transfer ribbons, ColorPower® and PowerDriver® color management software, and SubliJet® Transfer Inks for desktop and large format printers.


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