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Sawgrass Systems Releases TileMaker™ Software for Tile Murals

The leader in digital transfer technologies introduces software designed to make the creation and duplication of sublimated tile murals faster and easier.

October 15, 2000, Mount Pleasant, SC Sawgrass Systems, Inc. announces the release of TileMaker™ Software, the first software designed specifically to create sublimated tile murals. TileMaker allows users to turn any graphic into a tile mural in just a few easy steps, by breaking any image into individual tiles. Even the installation and replacement of tiles is simpler than ever before with TileMaker.

To operate TileMaker, specify any tile size from 1" 13" in 1/8" increments. Select your digital image and TileMaker will tell you the number of tiles you can use in your image. If your finished mural size is incompatible, TileMaker asks if you would like to snap to width, height or grid, or center to a spot in the image. The software then generates a grid of your tiles over the image that you can drag into place. Position the grid over the portion of the image you wish to use, and save your mural.

In some instances, users may know the size of the space they wish to fill, and have many tile sizes available to them. Then the TileMaker Wizard eliminates many steps. Users enter the image and size of final mural, and the TileMaker Wizard does the rest.

TileMaker does more than allow easy sizing and printing of murals. It is also an indispensable tool in building or repairing murals. Each tile prints with guides to help you line up and transfer your image perfectly. The tiles are also printed with row and column headings for easy layout of complicated pieces. And once you've locked a mural, if a tile ever needs to be replaced, users can select a single tile to be printed with a single click.

"Tile murals are becoming one of the most popular applications for SubliJet," says Edward Spear, Director of Sales and Marketing. "And with customers like Digital Accents designing enormous installations like the Food Court of the Navy Pier in Chicago, we knew TileMaker would become a valuable tool."

TileMaker is currently in beta testing. It will be fully released in November, 2000 and will retail for $199.


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