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Big Savings On SubliJet® for the EPSON 3000

Sawgrass Reseller Partners Offer Incredible Deal on Production-Oriented Desktop System


Refurbished EPSON 3000 printer
Year Warranty on Printer
Set of CMYK SubliJet Ink Cartridges
PowerDriver™ Color Management Software
Enrollment in Sawgrass' PartnerPlus™ Program
Telephone/Fax/Web Support
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


For a limited time, Sawgrass Systems and their Authorized Reseller Partners are extending a very special offer on SubliJet/Epson 3000 packages. The packages, which include a refurbished Epson 3000 with a year's warranty, a complete set of four SubliJet ink cartridges, PowerDriver PRO software for Mac or PC, and the one-of-a-kind PartnerPlus guarantee from Sawgrass, start UNDER $1400! That's a savings of $500!

The SubliJet/Epson 3000 System is designed for production minded businesses. Four individual ink cartridges (CMYK) allow for reduced waste and the most economical transfer costs in desktop sublimation printing. Larger paper sizes allow you to "gang images"—printing multiple images on a single sheet. Flexible, Cost Effective and Easy to Use – SubliJet for the Epson 3000 will change the way you do business!

To take advantage of this limited time offer call your Authorized SubliJet Reseller for details or visit www.sublimation.com to find a Reseller in your area! Offer good only while supplies last so call today!