-Pressing Matters- 

Learn the latest techniques and see the newest products for laser engraving and color imprinting!

All in a concise two-day workshop, presented by leading industry professionals.


One Day $245 per person
Two Days $395 per person

Featured Speakers:

Color Imprinting - J. Stephen Spence
Laser Engraving - Mike Fruciano

Course Outline:

Color Imprinting

This workshop provides a wide variety of finished product samples plus information on the best processes suited to create them. A variety of technologies will be covered including ink-jet, wax transfer, direct color and more. Mr. Spence brings years of practical experience and know-how to this workshop and will include tips on marketing and production of color products.

This one day workshop is a great way to see the latest products and equipment for color imprinting technologies.

-Software and Color Matching
-Wax Transfer Process
-Basic Techniques & Materials
-Advanced and Innovative Techniques
-Ink Jet Printing Process
-Direct Color Process
-Pricing & Marketing
-New Materials


Laser Engraving

The laser engraving course provides basic and advanced processing techniques as well as discussions on the latest laserable products. Mr. Fruciano offers his extensive experience on laser materials including wood, leather, metals, marble, glass, rubber stamps, acrylic, plastic, photo engraving and so much more. Interesting tips on creating fixtures and templates will also be presented to increase the productivity of your laser system.

Engraving Techniques:
-anodized aluminum
-Cerdec metal marking process
-thin film materials
-laser brass plates
-engravers plastic
-Spectrum Lights
-rubber stamps and 2D profiling
Cutting Techniques:

-cad based applications
-Smart Designer 9 -using clip art
-using PhotoGrav
-Corel issues



Course Includes:

Workshop handbooks, lunch and break refreshments on both days, sample materials and product catalogs.


Dates and Locations:

Phoenix, AZ March 16 & 17, 2001
Chicago, IL
May 18 & 19, 2001
Newark, NJ August 3 & 4, 2001
Atlanta, GA
September 14 & 15, 2001


Discounted hotel rooms will be available for students at the local host hotel.

Seating is limited. Please call or fax now to confirm your reservation.

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