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Quick Catalogä Software Launch
October 11th 2002

Gemini Computer Solutions is proud to announce the release of its newest program… Quick Catalogä a revolutionary, new, do-it-yourself" catalog making software.

Easy to use, this Windows based program, will create catalogs and product fliers for everything you sell. Ready for you to customize the cover page, inside cover, body text, headers, graphics, and fonts. You choose your catalog layout then, just add product descriptions, codes, prices and graphics. Quick Catalog's database stores and generates catalogs and fliers based on your preferences. Make unlimited categories, items, and catalogs.

Quick Catalog opens your catalog in Microsoft Word. You add, edit and jazz up the text and graphics--print it out straight from your printer, or take the folded brochure version to a copy shop to duplicate and staple.

This software makes it easy for you to create product sheets on the fly. When a customer wants a spec sheet of all the items she was interested in taking to committee, Quick Catalog makes that a simple task. And it makes you look great!

Software Co-creator, Janet L Gray, was raised in the recognition industry, working in her family business, Total Awards & Promotions, Inc. She currently acts as Director of Internet Operations for their website, AwardsMall.com.

"Many of us in the personalization industry, work with a variety of suppliers, each with their own catalog. We want a program that can plug in the select products we buy from these suppliers, with our own pricing and terms, and print it out into one company catalog that is inexpensive to produce."

And that was the motivating statement that inspired the idea for Quick Catalog.

Today, Quick Catalog is available for sale via download or CD at an introductory rate of just $49.95 until year-end. After 1/1/2003, the price will be $99.00. What a great Christmas present for your business! Give your customers a Holiday flier or catalog! This software is really amazing! You will find yourself making catalogs of everything!

For more information go to: http://www.MyQuickCatalog.com


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