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August 2004


(Joplin, MO) Bison Coating & Supply is proud to announce several new products for the dye sublimation industry.  In addition to the launch of the industry's first (Patent Pending) sublimatable commercial grade glass floor, wall & pools tiles (February, 2004), Bison Coating will now be offering a new white backing called SingleStep on all of their glass products. Additionally, Bison has just released a new line of glass cutting boards


SingleStep white backing is a coating that is applied to the back of the glass tiles and cutting boards after the application of the RN Sublimation Coating.  Sublimation transfers pass through the white coating into the RN Coating giving the image the opacity required for true color reproduction.  The white backing also provides enough opacity to hide adhesives when the tiles are installed in commercial and residential application.  Single Step has excellent adhesion and is also dishwasher safe.

Glass Cutting Boards

"We are all very excited about our new glass cutting boards" says Paul Whitehill of Bison Coating adding, "Although glass cutting boards are not new to the industry, our boards are thicker than what has been previously available and the reaction we are getting from the round shapes has been overwhelming" The new cutting boards are 3/16" thick and have a texture similar to the Bison commercial floor tiles that does not distort the image. As with all of Bison's glass tiles, the cutting boards are imaged on the back and will be coated with the SingleStep white coating.  Sizes available will be 7.75" x 10.75", 7.75" Round, 12" x 15" and 12" Round.  Four rubber feet are supplied with each cutting board and have been tested dishwasher safe.

Bison Coating & Supply is happy to add these new glass products to their line of RN Coated ceramic, porcelain and tumbled stone tiles for the sublimation industry.  All of Bison's glass products are 100% MADE IN THE USA.

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