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BestBlanks Releases PRO-FLO Bulk Ink System - June 2005

BestBlanks of Hollywood, FL, has released their new PRO-FLO Bulk Ink System that works with Armur Ink, which is a revolutionary new ink that offers a breakthrough in inkjet technology.


            Available for the Epson 1280/1290 and C84/C86 printers, the PRO-FLO system gives you excellent washability on inkjet transfers plus the brighter color brilliancy that dye-based inks achieve.


            Key features of the system include: brighter colors; excellent washability; inks donít turn green under heat press; external bottles make for easy refilling; bulk feed allows for longer, uninterrupted clog-free print runs; plug and play, no mess; 4 oz. bottles of Armur Ink are about eight times the volume compared to original Epson inks Ė at a fraction of the cost.

            Armur Ink offers exceptional UV stability for extended print life as well as color brilliance. This is the matched ink for the PRO-FLO system.


            Suitable uses for this system include: Inkjet Heat Transfers, Art Giclee Printing, Professional Photographers, and General Office use. Contact BestBlanks at 888-431-7385 or visit www.BestBlanks.com.

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