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Alpha Supply Company offers digital photo software

 Alpha Supply Company of Nashville, TN, a long time supplier of ArTainium UV+ sublimation ink and ColourMagic! laser toner cartridges now offers S-Spline PRO and I-Tricks 2 digital photo software. S-Spline PRO enlargement software, using a patented new algorithm, by Netherlands based, Shortcut® Products, provides virtually distortion-free photo, graphic and web picture enlargements. The respected European graphics magazine, "Publish", states "It's almost as if suddenly you have a 12 or 18 mega pixel digital camera!"

 I-Tricks 2 photo editing software restores and enhances photos. Discoloration, interfering scanning or JPG patterns and lost detail and focus in your photographs and images are repaired, with simple point and click commands. Both programs are simple to learn, relatively inexpensive and Windows and Macintosh compatible. Call 800-908-9916 or visit http://dyesubinks.com/sspline.htm for details and to download a full, free test version.


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