HIX Corporation announces the addition of three new heat presses. 

Each new press is designed to meet specific needs and situations. Also, additional features and benefits have been added to the 2001 models of the HT-400 and HT-600 manual heat presses.

C-800 Air Automatic (16"x20")

On the outside, this new, commercial grade air automatic heat press looks like its' cousin, the N-840. On the inside, electrical and mechanical parts have been beefed-up, to provide ultra high-speed productivity and reliability.

The C-800 air automatic press is specifically designed for very high volume shops and can easily handle 250,000 impressions a year. Learn More. http://www.hixheatpress.com/c800.htm

Hobby Lite (9"x12") Swinger

For an extraordinarily low price, the HIX Hobby Lite provides benefits normally found only in much larger presses.

Among these benefits are left or right swing abilities, full temperature control up to 400 and adjustable head height, up to 1".

The Hobby Lite is specifically designed for portability and very low price, while providing maximum capability in output. Learn More. http://www.hixheatpress.com/hobby.htm

Presto 20 (16"x20") Manual Clamshell

The entry level Presto 20 is designed for those needing a large "T-shirt" type press, at the lowest possible price.

HIX managed this (without sacrificing heating quality or reliability) by the simple tactic of eliminating every "creature feature" that did not affect reliable performance.

One handy little feature they did add, however, was a floating lower platen that automatically adjusts to keep products firmly against the heating head. Learn More. http://www.hixheatpress.com/presto.htm

HT-400 & HT-600

The 2001 version of both presses now has adjusting heads, to accept items up to 3/4" thick and floating lower platen's that automatically adjust for uneven thickness in products. HIX has not increased the price, with these added benefits.

HT-400 (15"x15") & HT-600 (16"x20") - Learn More http://www.hixheatpress.com/ht400.htm


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