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Mighty Press® Digital Heat Presses Now Available with an 11” x 15” Platen!

MASONTOWN, PA.— Mighty Press® Digital heat presses are now available in three platen sizes: 16” x 20”, 15” x 15” and 11” x 15”, with the 11” x 15” model being the newest addition to the product line. 

The 11” x 15” Mighty Press® Digital heat press has been introduced in response to the customer’s overall need for a smaller, more affordable, DIGITAL heat press.   Engineered to perform, the Mighty Press® Digital heat press has incomparable features for its price class, including Fully digital controls, Over-the-center pressure adjustment for proper application of almost any flat item or garment, Easy loading capabilities, Non-stick upper floatational heat platen, Extended Technical Service and Support Hours, Lifetime Warranty.  Combined, these features put the affordable Mighty Press® Digital heat press in a performance class that provides to-the-degree application accuracy, enhanced ease of use and user-friendliness.

All Mighty Press® Digital heat presses are available in four colors—red, green, blue and black.   Also available at Imprintables Warehouse are digital transfer papers, Piranha™ Digital Cutters & Direct Drive™ Cutting Software, and SPECTRA™ heat-applied materials for garment decoration.

For more information, call Imprintables Warehouse at 800-347-0068 or visit www.imprintables.com.

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