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Coastal Business Supplies Upgrades heat press line with alliance with George Knight Heat presses.

Aug 15, 2005

Coastal Business Supplies has agreed to terms with Geo Knight to distribute their top of the line heat presses. Coastal has been an industry leader in heat transfer paper and supplies for over 15 years and looks to strengthen their position in the market with this recent agreement. Coastal has carried the Stahl's Mighty Press since the beginning and recently looked to upgrade the line of presses it carries. While the Mighty Press is a good basic press, Knight offers a great press with all the bells and whistles to make any job site more efficient.

Coastal Business Supplies President, Andy Pickering said, "After researching the quality and service of several heat press manufacturers we felt George Knight offered us the best fit for a top of the line high quality production heat press." Knight offers a wide variety of presses from it's little 9x12 jet press all the way to the 40x64 Maxi Press. "We felt George Knight was a great compliment to our current offering. So far it has been a great relationship and we anticipate continued growth as we move George Knight to our #1 press manufacturer."

Coastal Business Supplies has a press offering for anyone interested. The Mighty press is a good press that is a stripped down, no bells and whistles, inexpensive press. "It's a big Iron, It does what it is suppose to do without all the frills." The Geo Knight heat press is a Great heat press that offers a 9x12 and 12x14 inexpensive jet press or the 14x16 to the 16x20 Digital Clam and Swinger presses. These heat presses offer all digital timers and thermostats to give the most accurate temperature within 1 degree of accuracy. The top of the line digital swinger heat press offers a swinging arm that allows for even pressure for the best results when working with heat transfer paper on substrates.

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