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 Contact: Paul Whitehill
Bison Coating & Supply

Bison Coating & Supply Announces Price Increase Effective May 1st 2006

Joplin, Missouri April 20th, 2006


Over the past several months, we have received notice from our primary vendors and suppliers of an upward adjustment of the Energy Surcharge that applies to all of the ceramic and glass products that we purchase. These new Energy Surcharge notices are also being applied in the freight transportation industry that we utilize in obtaining our products. Additionally, the cost of natural gas, diesel, gasoline and electric utilities have been increasing at an alarming rate affecting our manufacturing processes.

Effective May 1st, 2006 we will adjust pricing of all Bison products to reflect these increased surcharges and utilities.

It is with great reluctance that we announce this increase in costs, but to remain a viable supplier to our customers this action must be taken. Please keep in mind that this is a “pass through” expense. We are committed to reducing energy costs in our manufacturing by continuous process improvement. I strongly urge you to join with us in voicing your energy concerns with your Senator or Representative.

Bison Coating & Supply is a certified RN coating facility that specializes in coating ceramic, porcelain, tumbled stone and the patent pending commercial grade glass floor and wall tiles for the dye sublimation industry.  More information may be found at www.bisoncoating.com

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