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Miscellaneous Products

Buy uncoated products from either of the places below and send to one of the coating facilities to have coated for sublimation.  Current coating facilities that accept special projects like this are:  Laser Reproductions (most any item), Premier Tile (I believe only flat items), Bison Coating (I believe only flat items at this time).

Porcelain Products - Cridge Inc. - PA 888- 801-4438 or 215- 295 3667 - This site carries several different items made from porcelain including jewelry, boxes, ornaments etc.  Many of these items are good for coating/sublimating.  To see some samples from one of our forum members see "Creating Porcelain Jewelry & Such" 

Maryland China - 800-638-3880 or 410-833-5559 - Porcelain, bone china, stoneware, earthenware, dolomite, resin.  They do carry some "ready for sublimation" items but I believe the coating is softer than most of us like to use. 



Condé Systems - Mobile, AL - 800-826-6332 or 251-633-5704

Car Mats, Carpet tiles, cell phone covers, floor mats, nightlights, porcelain findings, stadium cushions, sublicoin, wallets, watches.


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