-ARA & DSSI Party 2002- 

Opening the ARA 2002 Show - left to right SpudIslander, 4MDesign, Cappi (CactusMick's daughter), 
Terry (my hubby) EncompassTec (me, Cherie), Blazer2002 (another Terry).

Tropical Graphics Booth - Left to right, Rick, Tropical14 (Paul), 4MDesign (Mark) and Geezer (Ernie)

Laser Reproductions showing a custom curved and flat resin tiles

Tropical Graphics 3D Image Samples

Laser Reproductions Clock
PARTY! (a really small section of it)


Mick's daughter Cappi


EncompassTec (Cherie)

The Color Factory & US Photo Coatings

That gray haired man there... that is our own Stuntman3!  (David)

The Infamous Lurker!  Blaze2002 (Terry) & Becky Adams

Cappi & Lthouslady (Nancy)

Laser Reproductions (Cary & Gibby (Carol)
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