DSSI Forum Start Page Entries - Oct. 2002

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The Winner:

Submitted by: Anne Moore
Company: Big Eye Deer Imprinting

 Using a odd-sized store-bought wooden tray allows the sublimator to try a hand at mosaic work as well. Playing off the beach theme of the photo tiles, a combination of sea shells and cobalt blue glass squares were embedded in sand-colored grout, turning a family photo into a truly one-of-a-kind family heirloom.


Runner Up

Submitted by: Ruben Salcedo
Company: Gifts World Plus

This image was as you can see in black & white originally and I painted in Photoshop at customer request then printed on Unisub aluminum for a plaque (customer wanted to display it on his office, he sales paints, why a Guardian Angel? I don't know)


Submitted by: Ann Palmer
Company:  JustFur Photos & More

The individual "Tile" files were created using PSP7

  • The fabric used for the 'tiles' is a 100% polyester micro-suede
  • The 6" squares were later cut and sewn together to make the wall-hanging.  They could have just as easily been used as the the center of a quilt - for those so inclined.


A Submitted by:  Terry Morris
Company:  Terry Morris Productions

A smart idea for marketing is to send your clients a little thank you. This Christmas I am sending out tins I print along with some 2" tiles with magnets for the fridge and some nice candy. I don't plaster my company name on everything but do send a letter letting them know how much I appreciate their business.

Submitted by: Tom and Lori Moore
Company:  Greyt Hearts

18" x 12" Mini-Mural created using 6" tiles from Cactus Coatings and mounted in a "Driftwood" frame from Tropical Graphics.



Submitted by: Rich Hinz
Company:  HinzArt

What coffee lover wouldn't want this stein of nuclear proportion. The "Ein-Stein", made from Cactus coating's ceramic stein and printed with Artainium inks from Tropical Graphics features original artwork and the true meaning of e=mc^2... "Energy= More Caffeine Squared".

Submitted by:  Teresa Turner
Company: Quality Service Bureau

Jeweled Shirt is Soft L'ink and Jeweled Eye Eagle Plaque is by Unisub. Adding Austrian Crystal Jewels to my dye sub items adds great value. My customers are really enthusiastic about their new products.


Submitted by:  Nicole Dalquist
Company:  Nikki's Creations

This is a tile mural I did of my four month old son Justin in his halloween costume.  I call it LiL Pumpkin.  The tiles are from Picture Pocket and they are the 4 x 4 gloss tiles.



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