DSSI "Start page" photos submitted for Nov. 2000

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The winner!

Submitted by:     Marianne Becktel
Company:           You Need This!

Description: I put together this assortment to challenge folks to think not only of what you can buy from our vendor friends, but also beyond that.  If it says polyester, and begs for decorating, try it!

From the upper left corner, there is an ash colored t-shirt from Brookline. It, and their light blue shirt, are a good option when you want something other than white. You just have to be careful with your color tones.

Next, there is a yellow baby sleeper right off the shelf from Wal-Mart. When working with a polar type fleece, it is helpful to do an overall press first, because the process does press down the fibers, leaving an imprint which may or may not bounce back.

Underneath that is a cream colored polar fleece throw. The trick here is not to try and transfer too much, and plan your layout, since you should not press the same area twice, or press half an image at a time. Your press size limits your imagination here!

The name tag is Unisub, but the "honors" ribbon is plain satin polyester. You'll find it at Wal-Mart and the like, as well as craft stores.

The pendant is from SilverTree.

The candle is not sublimated (it would melt!), but I often carry the motif and/or a message into a base made of a sublimated tile.


Submitted by:     Ann Palmer
Company:          JustFur Photos & More 

Description: The doilies are 100% polyester from Heritage Lace.  You can find local retailers on their web site.  Both the large & small oval sterling silver pendants are available through many of our sublimation distributors.



Submitted by:     Anna Smith
Company:           Bill's Rubber Stamps & Gifts 

Description: Unisub 15.5 x 18.5 TV/Tray Sign.

The customer gave us 25 pictures that he had cut up & had displayed on poster board & wanted a more professional look.  He ask us to do the best we could & next time he would not cut up the pictures.  The border we got from Microsoft Picture It!  We resized the pictures, one of which we goat a special request to custom edit the actual photo (it had two men, one holding a fish) the request was to take out the man holding the fish and transfer the fish to the other man.  This photo can be seen on the lower left side of the plaque.

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