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Cactus Coatings Elegance In Easels Nova Chrome

The Color Factory

Universal Woods

May 2001
The Winner!

Submitted by:  Ann Palmer
Company: Justfur Photos & More

Having such a variety of substrates gives me the potential for more mileage from each image I take. Meaning less time behind the lens and less time in front of the computer and more time at the press and register. This makes for a happier customer and happier me.

On the left side: A framed portrait done on Color Factory canvas. Below low it are two 2" ceramic tiles

And the right: A 4.25 tile of FRP mounted in a 6" frame with velvet insert - move over Elvis.... Now a full pose of the same horse on a mini-mural using six 2" ceramic tiles. To complete the picture is the clock made from a 6x8 ceramic tile.

( FYI These three fur/feathered family members all belong to the same family)

First Runner Up

Submitted by:  Terry Morris
Company:  Terry Morris Productions

I was commissioned to produce 36 of these license plates, when I sent a printed sample plate for approval I included a free printed mug as well, as a result I was then presented with an order for 24 mugs at the time of approval for the FRP license plates.

* Viper logo copyright Vipers Softball Team Atlanta, GA

Submitted by: Miriam Ober
Company: Ober Design Studio

Using the Epson 980 with SG inks and Nova Chrome presses. Items include themed T-Shirts/Sweatshirts, mousepads, mugs, coasters and trivets, and stand-alone tiles.



Submitted by:  Sandy
Company:  Sublimation by Sandy

Supplier for the Mugs is: RPL Supplies, Inc.
Supplier for License Plates, Pillow Case, Mouse Pad, Desk Clock, and
Switch Plate: Conde Systems, Inc.

2 of the Mugs with Photos were ordered for Mother's Day gifts, and 1 was made up for as a sample (with Permission) for a Bee Pollen Company. The Matching License Plate and Mug is a personal photograph that we took of our neighbors yard, the other matching set was ordered by a local restaurant to do Personalized license plates for the owner and wife and several mugs with just the logo and several 'personalized' with customer's names on them. The double switch plate is another picture we took of our view of Monk Parakeets at our feeders. The pillow case group was a special request to make up a gift assortment


Submitted by: Genie Zappanti
Company: The Magic of Genie

Upper Left corner is a 100% Silk Tie with Inkjet Iron On Transfer, Tie Clip, below that is a Hardboard Message board drilled and made into a clock,Tile Products are the 18x24 Tile Mural, 61 piece Tile Puzzle, 6x8 Tile in wood frame,6x8 Tile clock; FRP Mini License Plate, Bracelet, Mousepad/Calculator Combination Soft L'ink™ Tee Shirt and a visor.

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