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September  2001

Image 1

These were done for a promotional opening for a "Bed and Breakfast" boat.

White polo shirts with crest print and full picture of boat on the back.  Matching white polyester caps.  Mugs with picture on the front and writing on the back.

Image 2

These flag items were produced to honor America in light of the recent events.  The round flags are printed on white 7/8" round metal discs from Nova Chrome.  These are then epoxy domed and clutch pins attached.

The other items are white and silver dog tags from ID Plates Inc.  These are printed on both sides and can be used as key chains.

Image 3:

The two mugs on top are my tribute to the events of September 11th.  Same design - one 11 oz. and one 15 oz.  Below and to the left are stacked a few of the mugs in front of a shirt with the matching logo (Brookline's Ash Gray - backside).  To the right there is a 6 x 8" tile in the wooden trivet frame from Conde and below to the left, a 4 x 4" tile in a Napkin Holder from Cactus Coatings.

Image 4:

Following the motto of "We Can Do It Better", my husband and I decided to rebel against buying our kid yet another cheap, standard-fare lunchbox.  Instead, we found a plain metal lunchbox at Wal-Mart and embellished it all over the SubliMate material.  Now our son proudly carries his lunch to school everyday in a box decorated with digitally-captured images of some of the summer fun he had.

Image 5:

Preserving memories was this family's goal using photos dating form 1930's to 2001.  Items include a Brookline Sweatshirt sublimated in the tradition of a heirloom quilt,  three 4.25" tiles from Cactus Coatings, one being mounted in a Oak Frame from Encompass Technologies, and a Unisub coaster.

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