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July  2001

The Winner

Submitted by: Susan Lee
Company: Inspired By U Designs

Survival, that's what it's all about in the land of dye sublimation!  These products were produced for a customer wanting a Survivor theme for fastpitch playoffs.  Top left:  Unisub coaster and magnet  Top Right: apron from Gault's Distributors  Bottom Left:  Hanes Soft L'ink T-Shirt from Budget T-Shirt Sales  Bottom Right:  two Rhino coated mugs from Grav-Tech.   It was a busy playoff weekend and I survived, barely!

Runner Up

Submitted by:  Sandy Grear
Company:  Custom Photo Images By Sandy

Two 6" Tile/Alderwood Shelf (Conde') with customer's picture of Sicily.

One 6" Tile/Mahogany Wood Box (Conde') Personal photo of Koala Bear.

One 4" Tile/Walnut Desk Clock (Conde') Customer's photograph.

One 6" Tile/Mahogany Weather Station (Conde') Customer's photograph

Hane's SoftLink T-Shirt (Sac's) Front and Back with Angels.

Submitted by:  
Company:  CMW Designs

Family reunion t-shirts on Soft L'ink purchased from Conde.



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