DSSI "Start page" photos submitted for July 2000

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The winning picture...

Submitted by: Genie Zappanti
Company:  The Magic of Genie
Description:  Graduation Gift - Gift Bag made by Genie, plaque from Universal Woods and an alderwood keepsake box from Aftosa.  These items were "made from the announcement & picture ...and she loved it!"


Submitted by:  Brian Conklin
Company: Cutter's Edge engraving
Description: Trivet from NovaChrome.  Picture taken by Brian while in Maine.


Submitted by:  Teresa Turner
Company:  Quality Service Bureau
Description: Plaque which was sublimated.  Sublimated 6" x 6" beveled glass with the plumbing association logo.  Teresa used copper pipe elbows under the glass to raise it off of the plaque base.  "This was a huge hit with both the plumbing association giving the award and the company that received it.  Everyone wanted to know where they could order such unique awards.  No one had ever seen anything like it!"

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