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Laser Reproductions

The Winner

Submitted by: Ann Palmer
Company:  JustFur Photos & More

Foul Weather Ahead!

5 x 7" basswood plaque from Walnut Hollow (craft store), sprayed with Cotton Trans.

The white shirt is a Bobbie Brooks from Wal-Mart and is sprayed with Cotton Trans.  The gray shirt is a Soft L'ink.

The pencil holder is from Conde with a ceramic tile.

The coaster/tile is Grafx FRP

The mug is an 11 oz. from Cactus Coatings.

Runner Up

Submitted by:  Anne & Dave Moore
Company:  Big Eye Deer Imprinting

The hometown crowd loves it's wrestling!  Imprinted sports gear is all the rage among the fans and athletes.  Custom-made nylon/lycra wrestling singlets emblazoned with a flashy team graphic and matching neoprene seat cushions from Xpres show, without a doubt, which team you're supporting.  Go Wildcats!

Submitted by:  Marianne Becktel
Company Name:  You Need This!

As we start out 2002, we find ourselves at the top of another big hill on the roller coaster of the industry. As we look ahead, it is both exciting and a bit scary. What's ahead? Looks like things are going to be brighter, more durable and long lasting (tougher), and really innovative (cooler)! (and the motif RGB is done on purpose!) 

To illustrate, the tile on the left is done on a Cactus tile. The art actually started as a mediocre photo and is done with Photoshop filters. The ornament top center is of course from Unisub, and the pendant (not shown in original size) is from SilverTree. The framed tile on left is a "fantasy" magazine cover to honor a choir director. All sublimation shown was done with ArTainium ink. The text pieces are done with Photoshop "actions" available at the Adobe Action Exchange site at http://www.actionxchange.com/browse.cfm. Can't forget the DSSI logo at the bottom! Use it proudly! And have a great ride!


Submitted by:  Sandy Grear
Company:  Custom Photo Images By Sandy

The jacket is from 4M Design. Towel. License plate photos from Bradenton Country Club and items used for the recent golf tournament.  Tile tray (6 - 4'), Tile framed (2-6"), Tile Coat rack (one 4 - 4" and 1 2-6").  Tiles and frames from Conde.  4-6" tiles in mural with frame from Tropical Graphics.

Submitted by: Susan Lee
Company: Inspired By U Designs

Dye sublimation opens up a window of opportunity because of its versatility.  In my window you can find a Brookline shirt, a tile mural made from Cactus Coatings new Dyemond coated tiles and framed in a Tropical Graphics Keystone Coral frame.  On the Window ledge is a Cactus Coatings pet urn.  What do you see in your window?


A Submitted by:  Terry Morris
Company:  Terry Morris Productions

A 2" tile with magnetic back and a mini license plate.  These were printed for a car that has been on magazines and calendars since it was restored.

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