DSSI Forum Start Page Entries - Jan. 2001

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Our Winner!


Submitted by:  Rick Bitterling
Company:  Top Line Awards

In the background is a Hanes Soft L'ink® shirt.  The mugs and tile are from Sublimatable Products and the plaque is Unisub™.

All work was done in Photoshop®.  Most of my work is done for the Martial Arts.  The tile is a picture of my dog, Keya.

The mugs with "To Serve and Correct" and "RN" are copyright Lockdown, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


First Runner Up

Submitted by:  Kenneth & Alicia Tapp
Company:  Muggshots.com

Image 1

Our client, Deutsche Bank, challenged us to create a design to motivate a group of managers in their Custody IT division and place it on mouse pads and mugs. They were so pleased that we've received another order.


Submitted by:  Genie Zappanti
Company:  The Magic of Genie

The jewelry pieces are porcelain from Cridge and coated by Cactus Coatings.


Submitted by:  Ann Palmer
Company: Justfur Photos & More

Top: Unisub™ Desk Clocks both plastic and the Wood

Middle: Mugs.  Try getting in with local painting/drawing classes armed with your digital camera, you can fill your palette with customers!

Bottom: Soft L'ink® shirt and mug. This set was for a local amateur radio club, which led to orders from other Ham clubs.


Submitted by:  Terry Morris
Company:  Terry Morris Productions

This is a line of ceramic tiles I printed for a space I rented in a Coomers craft mall. The top tiles were fitted in trivets I got from Nova Chrome and the others are free standing clocks I made by drilling a hole in the center of the tile after printing, then a clock mechanism with stand was affixed to the back.

The photos are royalty free from Corel GALLERY™ CD's. I also used these tiles in the wood boxes also available from Nova Chrome.


Submitted by:  Brian Conklin
Company:  Cutter's Edge Engraving

The light switch covers are metal from Conde.  The shirt is a Soft L'ink®.  The shelf is from Aftosa.  The box and trivet are from Nova Chrome.  Both the plaque and clock are Unisub™.  The teddy bear is from QLT printed with a local school logo.

The lighthouse photos are from my own collection of some of our 116 lighthouses in the Great Lake State (Michigan).


Submitted by:  Teresa Turner
Company:  Quality Service Bureau

You know they never want what we actually have!!! Push those limits sublimation pros! Use the raw materials available and come up with some really creative NEW products.

This was originally a table top photo album,. but as you can see, I have sublimated some Unisub™ plastic to become the cover of a very attractive family recipe collection. By inserting some recipe cards instead of photos, a new product is born!


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