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The Winner

Submitted by:  Susan Yousem
Company:  Artworks

The sky and solar system-themed switchplates and text express this subber's enthusiastic expectation of growth in the industry.  

Runner Up

Submitted by:  Nancy Bahnsen
Company:  Lighthouse T-shirts Plus

Just like these newlyweds, you too can cherish the memories of any special occasion for years to come with these, and many other mementos.

Soft-Link t-shirt, mousepad, mug, 4 x 4" tile & iron trivet supplied by Conde.

Submitted by:  Michael O'Hara
Company:  WetPlanet Productions

ErgoSlate™ is an ergonomically shaped scuba dive slate with graphics applied to custom routed FRP.  Custom routing is available from sources like Burr-Lane and Johnson Plastics.  A webbed strap and pencil are added after sublimation to complete the product.

Product design shape and trademark copyright Michael O'Hara/WetPlanet Productions, 2000.  All rights reserved.  Patent applied for.

Submitted by: Anne & Dave Moore
Company:  Big Eye Deer Imprinting

Taxidermy provides an excellent way to showcase commemorative photo tiles.  Shown here is a strutting Spring Gobbler and hen display with the addition of a ceramic tile embedded in an artificial rock to provide a personalized touch.  The tile features the hunter's statistics and photo of him with his game.

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