Review Of UNISUB's Sublimation Target Marketing™ Sports Module

Review written by:  Ernie Ziegler, Custom Engraving, September 2001

I recently purchased the Sublimation Target Marketing™ Base Module and the Sports Module published by Universal Woods (UNISUB™). Below is my review of the Sports Module. 

The package consists of :

Package of written sheets to be added to the Base Module binder. There are not as many pages as the Base Module but a quick overview of the packages contents. 

A framed (16" x 19" hardboard full color display sign. 

50) full color four page team sports brochures. 

(100) full color one page brochures. A CD, the real meat of the package. 

The CD consists of six sections as outlined below: 

Sports Teams Profiles 

Identifies (12) sports to target and provides background demographic data for sports overall. Clicking on any of the listed sports opens your web browser and takes you to a series of links that locates National, Regional, State and Local registries and contacts for that particular sport. This is concise data that would normally take many hours of internet searching to identify and compile. 

Products & Pricing 

This section really requires some hours to assimilate. Starting with a list of suggested prices, which allow for volume pricing at a 25% to 40% discount, while leaving a sufficient profit to grow your business. 

There is a Cost/Price Calculator (same as noted in the Base Module) repeated here. This makes the Sports Module a stand=alone asset. A new and fascinating item is the Package Price Calculator. This is a super tool for pricing several products in "groups" , for large volume sales. Another great time saver. 

There is a list of suggested product packages and suggested pricing as a Regular, Discount for volume and Fund Raiser; package pricing. Note: I believe there is a typo error in the Car Decoration regular price(?). 

All of the above is followed by "Templates" for various pricing options. 


Deals with preparing and incremental P&L Statement, for projecting your business in a business profits. 

Securing Team Sales 

A collection of Letter, Fax and Email templates. These include initial contact, follow-up and after delivery to insure repeat business. 

Pricing & Photo Files 

Samples of pricing and team quotes, plus an order form. 

There are some neat picture samples of products by team sport. All of the templates, team quotes, product photos and brochures are saved as files for easy email attachments or saving to your hard drive. 


Web links to training, products, trade journals etc. 


An excellent follow-up to the Sublimation Target Marketing Base Module. However, more important is that this Module will stand alone. Everything you need to conduct successful sport team sales campaigns is included. If you're a non-sales type person (as I am) this Module will give you the tools you need and help build your confidence level to pursue this market.

Universal Woods (Unisub™) has proven that they are ready to support their customers to become successful. I'm looking forward to all future modules.

The above review is: Copyright Ernie Ziegler 2001, All rights reserved, and may not be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the author.

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