Review Of UNISUB's Sublimation Target Marketing Base Module

Review written by:  Ernie Ziegler, Custom Engraving, September 2001

I recently purchased the Sublimation Target Marketing™ Base Module and the Sports Module published by Universal Woods (UNISUB™) and here are my comments about the Base Module.

If you are thinking about starting to or have just started sublimating this should be a must purchase for you. This module will put you months ahead in your designing and marketing capabilities. You will save countless hours of pricing calculations and decision-making.

Already in business and thinking of adding sublimation? There is plenty of information about adding a business within a business.

The Base Module consists of:

A handsome heavy-duty binder for the printed material and of sufficient size for the printed materials of the individual Marketing Modules that are to follow.

Printed material with section dividers. Some of this material supplements the included CD, while some stands on its own.

A CD that is chuck full of information and very useful surprises. It provides for registration via online, fax or snail mail.

I found the best way to absorb and use the material was to locate the printed material in the binder, place it next to the computer and start the CD.

The first item on the CD is for those who are already in business. Read the binder sections on "Overview", "Economics" and "Fundamentals". Then use the handy P&L statement calculator on the CD to make the projections of potential sublimation profits for your business within a business. This little calculator allows you to make as many "what if" scenarios as you need and very effortlessly.

This next portion of the CD, "Corel Cookbook" is primarily for beginners or those not proficient in the use of Corel software. The tutorials are presented clearly and are easily understood. This is a "Corel Bible for Dummies".  Taking the time to do the hands on lessons will go a long way to making the beginner graphic literate and reduce the fear of the black magic of graphic design. The beginner cannot spend too much time here. There are answers to many questions I have seen asked on the DSSI forum.

E-mail written by James Heil - Nov. 2001

Hello, My name is James Heil. For the last 2 years I have worked for Blanx Etc,a sublimation distributor,  but I have recently relocated to my home town of Fort Worth, Texas and have started my own sublimation shop. 

I would just like to let all the new people out there just getting into this wonderful world of sublimation that they need to start out right. Even though I am very familiar with the sublimation industry I still purchased the STM base module as well as the sports module to help get me started. 

What a great program Universal Woods has put together. I have already gotten my money back out of the base module with the help it gave me and I am very close to closing a deal with a large sports organization to pay for the sports module. The best part about the sports deal is all the information I obtained about the contact information as well as letters to write all came from the module. 

I know this sounds like another commercial for Unisub/Universal Woods but I am telling you, this program really works. It is very easy to use and really makes life easy when your business is in the start up stages of life or you just want to make more money. 

Thank you Clarence, Paul, and who ever else put this together, it is a truly great program that has already made me money and made my life easier.

James Heil
Mouse Pad Mart, LLC

A section on "Designs4U" volumes follows the Cookbook. There are tips and photos of images from the two volumes. This is one section where I feel Unisub failed to stress enough the value of the "Designs4U" images. The beginner would do himself a big favor by purchasing at least one of the volumes to save hours and hours of design creation time.

For current business owner and beginner the CD portion of "Merchandising Designs" provides ideas, photos and designs for setting up attractive displays.

The next two portions of the CD provide a comparison retail pricing survey of various distribution channels and included is a template to allow you to create a comparison survey for your local area. Utilizing the local survey might provide you with some eye opening information.

Now we come to the real meat of the CD. Two calculators "Cost & Price" and "Volume Cost & Price". These calculators can save you having to learn Excel and spend hours and hours creating spread sheets. You can change any or all variables thereby creating as many "what if" scenarios and as often as you want with a few inputs of data and a click of the mouse. These are real workhorses and fun to use.

Ever wonder how your clients perceive your products and service? Unisub has even provided a value scorecard for evaluating this. Honesty on your part is the key to successful utilization of this tool.

"Products for Sublimation" is a listing of the various products. This part of the CD would be more useful if it had photos to show the products.

The last item on the CD is "Links". Here you'll find the Trade Journals and such. A nice touch is the listing of Dyesub.org as the "Sublimation Industry Gateway"

With the conclusion of the CD you're left with three sections in the binder:

"Target Markets" A discourse on whom and where the prospective customers are. Really a plug for the Modules that are to follow.

"Securing The Sale" Making contacts by writing, fax and phone, good words and follow-up. Assessing your value to your target market. Securing the sale. Closing the sale. Getting repeat business. This is the section I personally need to concentrate on and it has given me some good starting lessons.



I think the Base Module is a good value for price. Even as a business owner for 19 years I gleaned a lot from this Module. The benefits, as I see it, amount to having an Accountant, CPA, Marketing Manager. Cost Analyzer, Market Researcher and Advertising Writer (all of whom are sublimation oriented) at your beck and call for zero payroll cost. It takes you out of the "I'm all alone" vacuum and puts you in the mainstream.

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