Making Tiles for Murals in Paint Shop Pro™ 7

By Ann Palmer, JustFur Photos & More , August 2002


After creating a duplicate file, I crop or clone in order to make the dimensions equal to (or proportionally the same as) the number of tiles times the size of the tiles. (Example: three 4" tiles = 12" …… four 4" tiles = 16" so the file would be 12 x 16 ) (A bit more calculating might be needed if not using square tiles.)


It isn't necessary to downsize the file to the mural size, in fact, I prefer to leave the file large. For example if I plan on a mural with 12 - 4.25 tiles … I just need to make sure both the length and width can be evenly divided by 4. (I don't worry about the ¼" or the size of the individual images as I resize the resulting squares to the 4.4" I will print for transfers. I do this by using the "Multiply Image Print" icon to open the special preview page where it is easy to size and lay out two on a page.)


Once the image is ready:


1.      Click on the "Image Slicer" icon (gray circle with crosshairs found on the ‘Web Toolbar')

2.      Use the "Zoom" control under image to get the whole image in view

3.      Click on the "grid" icon

4.      Click on the image

5.      Enter the number of rows & columns (4 rows 3 columns for this image), OK it

6.      Check "Include cell in table", select "Format" (jpg) and "Apply optimization to whole image"

7.      Do "Save As"



This will create an HTML file AND a file for each of the grids (twelve for my image), all nicely labeled - 1x1, 1x2,1x3, 1x4, 2x1, etc, etc. all the way down to the last one - 4x3

These squares can now be used to make murals with the 2x2, 4.25 x 4.25 and possibly 6x's to 12x's depending, of course, on the starting size and resolution of your file.


Note: I have not attempted murals using more the twelve 4x's tiles. And I have not worked (yet) with Genuine Fractals™. The above steps have worked fine for what I have done.

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