Many thanks to the PSP group for finding a way to us our dye sublimation ICC profiles in PaintShop Pro.  It worked for me in PSP version 7 and I know it will work when I get my copy of PSP version 8 that is "in the mail".    Ann Palmer - Just Fur Photo's and More

Using ICC's with PaintShop Pro 7/8

The ICC/Color Management process was much improved in PSP 8, however, you can use your ICC driver files in PSP 7 as well. You probably know already, but if you are going to use ICC with your printer you should first calibrate your monitor so that you see on the monitor exactly/or near, what will print.

1.  Make sure Windows is set up to display 32 bit True Color (right click blank spot on desktop >> Properties.
In the Properties dialog click the Settings tab then make sure the Colors drop down menu says True Color (32 bit).

2.  Make sure the PSP 7 Gamma is set to default of 1.00 for Red, Green, Blue. In PSP:  File >> Preferences >> Monitor Gamma.

3.  Now calibrate your monitor by adjusting the brightness and contrast. Here is an easy to understand place that will help you out: http://www.jasc.com/support/kb/articles/monitor.asp

Now you can call in your ICC driver files for both your monitor and printer.

4.  For your monitor right click on the Windows Desktop then select Properties. In the Display Properties dialog click the Settings tab, and then click the Advanced button. In the dialog that comes forward select the Color Management tab, and then click Add. Choose your monitor's icc (or icm) driver file from the listing and click Add. (If you are not sure what file to choose then go to the monitor manufacturer's web site support area to find out, or you can try right clicking each file in the listing and choosing Properties to get a description of what each one is for.)

Close all the dialogs when done.

To install your Printer's ICC file:

5. In Windows choose Start, Settings, Printers and in the dialog that opens right click on the icon representing the printer you wish to install the ICC for and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. In the dialog that opens click the Color Management tab, then press Add and finally pick your printer's ICC profile file from the listing.

Close all dialogs when done.

6.  In PSP 7 choose File,  Preferences, Color Management and in the dialog that appears enable the option 'Enable Color Management'. Choose Basic Color Management. Choose your monitor from the Monitor Profile drop-down menu. Choose your Printer from the Printer Profile drop-down listing.
Choose the rendering method you want from the Rendering Intent drop down listing (Perceptual first, or Picture 2nd.)


Your monitor is now calibrated and your printer should print exactly what you see on screen, assuming the gamma you picked earlier is the same as that listed in your printer's icc.

(Edited by Ann to add .... (Note: If you have more than one printer connected to this computer (don't we all) you have to set it as the Default Printer. This is a major pain as you will likely want to reset default after printing transfers .... unless you will remember to select the correct printer for your non-dye sublimation work.)

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